This is where the road to your modeling career starts, work with Images by Studio MAP to get your portfolio created and get the right images that show off your uniqueness to model scouts, talent agencies and to the world.  We work closely with you to create the best portfolio that will help you showcase your talents with different types of photography that shows off your versatility as a model/actor/actress.

We’re not saying we’re the best boudoir photographers, but we will give you the best boudoir photography (and now videography!) experience. We’ve been doing this a long time, and you’ll have the time of your life while we turn you into exclusive, exquisite art.

Boudoir photography has come a long way since 1800s France… men’s boudoir photography has come about, and so have tasteful but absolutely jaw-dropping video creations of your boudoir experience. By the time you’re done, you’ll feel like luxury itself.


Full Hair and Makeup Services
We work with the best MUAs (makeup artists) in the tristate area. From flawlessly airbrushed makeup to the last perfectly-placed hair, you’ll look better than a page in Vogue.
We provide comfort, luxury and integrity – so you’ll not only feel like a star, you feel just as protected and safe as one throughout your photoshoot experience.
Couples Boudoir
A modern form of couple’s photography that captures your love in a timelessly artistic way. Couples’ boudoir often creates images even more cherished than wedding photos!
Glamour Photography
For us, boudoir photography also means pin-up photography, glamour and other types of photography where you need to be the star. We’ve got a Creative Director who will help create the photoshoot of your dreams!
Full Security and Privacy
We take the sanctity and security of your photography very seriously, and we take extra measures to make sure only you choose who sees your images. We offer digital tracking of any photos you’d like to use online!
Continual Support
From the first time we sit down for coffee to the moment we’re handing you your art, we’re with you all the way – choosing your look, helping you prepare for the big day, the whole kit and caboodle.

Contact Us With Any Questions


We offer in-studio and remote photography, indoor and outdoor, in the tristate area including Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York and beyond. Contact us for a great experience!

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