Photos are how we remember what matters in life – our loved ones, our memories… as the digital age flourished we’ve come up with ways to capture our memories with devices, but what happens to old photos? Do you have a treasured old image that you’d like to be new again? We believe that nothing is better than printed photos, because those are the images that impact your life every day, and technology can fail easily. But moisture, time and improper storage can damage prints that have been in a cabinet collecting dust or soaking up the sun from where a window shines. With our digital photo restoration services, we can even give you back that 75 year-old, irreplaceable photo with water damage!

With Studio MAP, you never have to look for “photo restoration near me”. We can accept the original scanned and emailed, snail-mailed, any way you prefer as long as the photo stays safe. Our digital restoration can repair tears, remove shadows, restore color, almost anything. We then reprint the newly-restored photo onto any surface you’d like – a canvas print, metal, acrylic or even back onto photographic paper that’s much newer and guaranteed to last far, far longer than the original we received!

For photo restoration in NJ, Philadelphia and NYC we can arrange for hand-to-hand transfer for your most priceless originals. Contact us and get that nearly-lost photo back onto a wall where it’ll get the attention it deserves!


Digital Restoration
We restore your old memories and bring them back to life. Our team of restorers will work on your photographic memory and restore it back to its original viewing. Ask one of our experts about printing specials as well.
Old Video Restoration
We all have them. Old VHS, DV and even 8mm flim just sitting around, but did you know that Images by Studio MAP can restore those old memories? Our digital experts can restore most memories and they can be viewable on most of the current devices. So why wait? Contact one of our specialist to get those memories back!
Don't Know Where To Start?
That is what we are here for! Our experts can meet with you in person if you are within 50 miles of the Philadelphia area. We take care of your memories and bring life back in them. We can help with reprinting and distribution services as well. Ask us how!

Contact Us With Any Questions


We cover Philadelphia, New Jersey, New York City, and surrounding areas, so if you are interested, feel free to contact us.

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