Promised Shoot

“Promised” is a unique project full of mystery conveyed through the images taken as a woman transforms into a bride-to-be. It raises every question, from what will become of a modern woman’s freedom to whether or not the marriage is arranged, and only the beholder can decide what they believe is the end of the […]

New name, same site, and still the same team!

As you can see around you that we have done a major change to our brand, business, and our site.  Change at times can be either a good or bad thing, we Michael and Camille have some things to say about this and it is a great podcast on why change is good, or bad, […]

Death, Headshots and Turkey

This is going to be one of the weirdest blogs/podcasts that we have done in the past couple of years, but believe me, it is worth it to read/listen to this. A couple weeks ago a friend of Camille’s passed away, and when she went to read the obituary, there was only a photo of […]

The Wedding Episode

So today Michael and Camille are talking about weddings.  What you should look for, ask for, know, and be aware of when hiring a photographer and what you can do to make your special day even more special and drama free.  This is a basic know of for people that are taking that leap and want […]

Halloween Episode

So today is Halloween and coming up this Monday (or expect for our weekend warriors out there!) you will have the chance to post your favorite parties, costumes, tricks, or even treats but is everything kosher in our digital age to post online.  What is safe and non safe, PC or not PC for social […]

Why A Good Headshot Is Important?

This Podcast deals with the growing division of social media and professional sites and your headshot.  What does your headshot say? to who? what is it saying? and how it can impact what others may think of you both professionally and personally.  Camille and I explore some of the pros/cons and other things that can […]

What To Look For In Hiring a Professional Photographer

As how any industry grows, so does people believing that they know this craft.  Listen to our podcast to know what to look for in a photographer as well what questions to ask.  Both Michael and Camille will address some questions to ask, things to look out for and be aware of before hiring a […]

Why Memories Should Be On Your Wall, Not A Digital One…

So here is our first podcast and it is about why should your memories be on a wall and not a digital one.  Hear Michael Ali our Senior Photographer and Camille Forté our Creative Director talk about why and what you can do to change this.  We encourage our listeners to post comments about the […]