Why being hydrated is a good thing to be for your headshot

  In our blog series about how to have the best headshot for your portfolio, your social media presence and even your business cards, we’d be remiss if we didn’t talk about hydration. Most people don’t believe that hydration is an important step, but it’s actually one of the most important ones to take for […]

Why sleep is important for a great headshot.

One of the most common struggles we face when producing great headshots for models, actors and even businesspeople is sleep deprivation. In fact, so many of us are chronically sleep deprived that we don’t even realize it – but it certainly comes to light in front of the camera! If you’ve hired a true professional […]

Our Boudoir Shoot with Sati

During our winter stretch, we had a marathon day of boudoir photoshoots. One of our clients, Sati, was like most women when we had our first talk about the shoot – she was a ball of nerves about whether she could look right for boudoir photography, what she would wear, how to pose… but as […]

2016 Annual Halloween Online Checklist

As always, here at Images by Studio MAP we always post our annual do’s and don’ts for posting Halloween pictures online. This holiday comes around once a year, it’s the only time when you can dress up as your favorite villain or hero, or even that provocative costume that you always wanted to wear, but it’s […]

Our “Promised……” Photoshoot

I remember sitting at my computer and we (Camille and I) were talking about doing an editorial photoshoot about arranged marriages that are still going on around the world.  How or why we got on this topic is beyond me, but it got our creative juices flowing.  This is when we called upon one of […]

Stealing Is Bad……Worse When Done Online

Why is stealing images bad? As of late we’ve been seeing a trend, both with photographers and with people, “Digitally Borrowing” other people’s photos. This is nothing new to the world, but do you know what really happens when a photo or image is stolen and used inappropriately? We’re going to talk about exactly that […]

New Name, Site, but still the same team!

LOL, ok I will admit that this was a long time coming but to be honest, change is good.  Why the change after all of these years of being Michael Ali Photography? Well that is a long story and that is why this blog is here. When we first started the site, just like everyone […]

Death, Headshots and Turkey

This is going to be one of the weirdest blogs/podcasts that we have done in the past couple of years, but believe me, it is worth it to read/listen to this. A couple weeks ago a friend of Camille’s passed away, and when she went to read the obituary, there was only a photo of […]

Its been a while…..

So the summer is over and now the fall is here…..YEAH……Wait who am I kidding? I hate the cold! LOL In anycase it’s been a while for us to blog and yeah I do feel bad for it, but we have been busy and with it comes some delays, one was unfortunately is the blog. […]

The shot that made me smile

As a photographer there are those moments where things just come into place at the right moment and time, and this shot (to the right) was one of them. My daughter visiting from San Francisco was looking outside during the rain and asked “dad it is summer, why is it raining right now?” Well she […]